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Lanai Style is recommended for those who wish to renovate and renovate the house and condominium in Hawaii

Four Key Points to be known when renovating and building properties in Hawaii



Some people might force certain choices in the spirit of “because it’s Hawaii”, so you can’t incorporate your ideal changes into your renovations. You can't have detailed meetings with designers in Hawaii and Japan. So, you don't know what will happen until it is finished. You can't go check the status of the renovation.

With Lanai styleWith Lanai style
  • With Lanai Style, you can have a meeting in Tokyo with a designer who has achievements in design. “California Komuten”, which has worked over more than 130 projects, can do everything from design to construction.
  • It can be renovated with the essence of Californian or Hawaiian style. We also order furniture from California and make it a one-of-a-kind house.
  • It can also be designed and built by local healing artists.
  • A concept house can be constructed by a message artist.
  • In Hawaii, we do all the construction work under the supervision of Lei Hawaii Realty.
  • We can also renovate the kitchen, install a washlet, and construct exterior walls, roofs, and gardens.

Four Key Points to be known when renovating and building properties in Hawaii



In Hawaii, there are just a few contractors and they have little experience or performances in after-service support. There is no other company that can deal with it. Moreover, renovations in Hawaii can take time and money.

With Lanai style.With Lanai style.
  • It isn’t easy to deal with people, to purchase materials, to find a person with the right sense, to find a licensed company, and to find a company with good results to share. The real estate agent leaves it up to the agent, and the introduced agent can’t do an effective job renovating.
  • You can actually see renovated houses, rooms and newly built properties in Hawaii and Japan.
  • If you would like to visit properties that has been renovated in Hawaii, please let us know before you come.
  • Please check a part of the results in the last example of remodeling.

Four Key Points to be known when renovating and building properties in Hawaii



Of course, if you renovate your property, it's done. No further support is provided.

With Lanai styleWith Lanai style
  • With Lanai Style, we construct an ideal house that matches the owner's taste and provide support after the completion.
  • We support any potential issues after renovation.
  • Water, electricity, internet, gardening, and vacation home management are all one-stop services provided by Lei Hawaii Realty.
  • You can make a reservation in advance at a restaurant, play golf, and enjoy a fulfilling life in Hawaii through Ally House.
  • We also introduce accountants, lawyers, insurers, and other experts to get you the answers you need.

Four Key Points to be known when renovating and building properties in Hawaii

04Management and investment


What kind of real estate should I should buy in Hawaii and which one is easier to sell later? It also does not provide advice or actual management for the operation of purchased real estate.

With Lanai style.With Lanai style.
  • Renovators, of course, aren't familiar with real estate market trends.
  • With Lanai Style, we know which properties are easier to rent and sell based on daily experience in managing properties.
  • We sell valuable real estate and make useful renovations.
  • We keep your new or refurbished property in optimal condition for immediate, high value in the event of an emergency.
  • In Hawaii, we deal with our customers through more than 20 forms of media. We strive to be the best and maintain a high operation rate.

Advertising media

The rooms we offer and purchased by customers from our company have highly scarcity value that have been researched in advance. We are adding value by further renovating.

  • Premium Vacation Reservation Reception Site

  • Lei Hawaii Realty

  • Instagram

Examples of Our Renovation


Our works

1. Colony Surf

2 Bedrrom 130㎡
VR and video are available

The owner's Story

  • I just love Hawaii. We want to use it as a villa someday.
  • I desire to be in Hawaii and be healed.
  • I purchased it as capital and to diversify assets in dollars. I decided to rent out to an important acquaintance and also to a tourist.
  • The scenery of the sea and Diamond Head is still the same. At the time of my purchase, Colony Surf was not that famous and had a selling point. The moment I saw this room, I knew that if I renovated it, it would be deal, so I suggested it.
  • At first, I did not intend to lend it, but I spent 20 million yen to renovate it as myself and customers use it occasionally. As a result, operational utilization became 85%.
  • I only stayed there once, but I was impressed to feel more energetic from Diamond Head rather than feeling refreshed and relaxed. I do my work to make my life worth staying here. In the current market, a room that was originally purchased at $1.6 million (yen?) (three years ago) is expected to be worth about $2.5 million (yen?). The reason for the success is that the owner gave a rough concept to a local artist whom he trusted but was also the renovator. This was a case where you could see the artist had complete creative control.
The ColonySurf


I can use it as it is, but it's not fun.


'Diamond Head Brings Energy'









I get energy from the sea and Diamond Head in my own hideout.

Other Achievements

What's Lanai Style?

Until now, there was no renovation company in Hawaii
that tackled what we wanted to accomplish.

  • We have heard complaints from various owners that they cannot renovate as they want, that the cost is high, and that there are no reports on the current situation. To be honest, renovation takes time from city application, and it is challenging to manage the local craftsmen. Materials are expensive and the owner is usually not satisfied with the estimate. For these reasons, we have refrained from being directly involved.
  • However, after experiencing many failures and successes, and accumulating results, we can now make what we consider to be the best value of products. We can see the contentment in the owners’ faces. We are confident that we can share in the excitement. Then let's do it ourselves.
  • We overcame various troubles and were overjoyed when we saw the satisfied look on the owner’s face.
  • From the subsequent management of the villa to the management of short-term accommodation, it can be handled without stress. However, it is a matter of course to manage it, and we also have a concierge service for people to enjoy Hawaii.
  • Tourists stay in the room and the house that they renovated with the owner and write reviews.

    Reviews 1
    Reviews 2

    There have been over 2,000 reviews of the rooms left by guests that stayed there.
  • Reviews don't lie, and most of them are positive. However, there are reviews that point out the details.
    These are reviews by tourists who knew everything about Hawaii. These are what guest will find out only after the stay. We will always make improvements to satisfy both the owners and the guests.
  • This is only possible because we are doing the renovation, management and operation.
  • To aim for 100% satisfaction, we want to maintain a lifetime relationship with the owners who have renovated.
  • Furthermore, we would like to bring together experienced contractors, stylish contractors, and unique designers to provide more Hawaii with rooms that would have thought to be impossible and reflect the individuality of the owners, rather than ordinary hotel rooms.
  • Furthermore, we would like to bring together experienced contractors, stylish contractors, and unique designers, and provide more Hawaii-like rooms in Hawaii that are not ordinary hotel rooms but the rooms that possess the owner's individuality, which didn’t exist before.
  • With COVID-19 happening, we made some self-discoveries. During this period, we would like to offer our own space and a healing room.
    The Lanai Style is not just a renovation, but from there, it exists to be enjoyed for the rest of your life out of Hawaii.

    Lanai Style x Hawaii = Lifestyle.

About Construction, Renovation and Remodeling

  • These renovations are some of the examples.
  • Be sure to look at our performances before considering design, construction and renovation.
  • Our company also had a hard time with the construction work, such as renovation. However, we will renovate based on our experience of doing it over 20 properties for five years. Also, we collaborate with a California building contractor to design things if we are unable to do it inhouse.
  • You can also scrap and build a detached house.
  • You get to choose the designer.
  • You can also choose to work with a local artist or work with one of our partner builders, a California building contractor, who has built over 100 units.
  • It is possible to have a meeting with companies that have experience in Japan such as the California building contractor from the design.
  • It takes time to select a property and create a concept. Purchase in our company is a condition of renovation, management and operation.

If you are interested in our company’s services, please contact us using the form below. If you let us know your purpose, budget and questions, we’ll get back to you within one business day.

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Regarding what you need to know to purchase real estate in Hawaii, customer feedback, post-purchase management, and each concierge service, [Ally House]

If you want to know everything about Hawaii from real estate to sightseeing information, please refer to [Lei Hawaii Realty].

"Ally House" offers services from renovation to new construction "Lanai style", real estate sales, "Management", "operation", and "personal concierge",
"Lei Hawaii Realty", which has several sites dedicated to managing, renting, and operating villas like a hotel, is always the top in blog ranking and SEO.

Our head office in Hawaii is located in the center of Waikiki, on the 7th floor of the Waikiki Business Plaza Building where H & M is located. It is an easy place to drop by for the owner who is visiting Hawaii, and it is a place where you can easily visit the managed property in Waikiki.

We also have headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka. The location is convenient for access to Ginza Six in Tokyo and Fukushima Ward in Osaka. At Ginza Six, various business owners gather to exchange ideas and work with the sensibilities of the younger generation. We are also using Wework, a new, environmentally friendly shearing office system..

A way of life that suits the world of today. Please use [Lanai Style x Ally House x Lei Hawaii Realty] as a base of Hawaii where you can enjoy the rest of your life.

The concierge, who has experience in managing Hawaii's real estate purchasing, management, advertising, management and renovation, will visit Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka once every two months. And the concierge will meet you in person.

Also, whenever you can't meet us in Tokyo, Osaka, or Nagoya, you can consult us in Hawaii via teleconference. We can provide videos of online seminars if you contact us. Generally speaking, in most of the seminars held by real estate agents in Hawaii, it is rare for those who are actually in charge of management to speak. And all the information that is spoken is available online. Instead, we will tell you directly about Hawaiian real estate information that can only be heard directly and various situations concerning the area.


To have your own house in Hawaii. Lanai style is your all-in-one solution and is stress-free.

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  • 2270 Kalakaua avenue. #712 Honolulu Hawaii 96815
  • tel: +1-808-922-3008
  • Tokyo Ginza Six Office
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    6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 13th floor We work
  • tel: 050-3116-3633
  • Osaka Office
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