The remodeling and renovation process


We choose properties from a long-term perspective. We can help you with buying in popular areas. With our experience as Lei Hawaii Realty , we are able to help with securing the real estate you need. Everything from the purchasing process to what you should do before purchasing is described here.
2. Inquiries
We can handle kitchen refurbishment, rooves, gardens, a new house, or a complete renovation of a condominium. Please let us know your request from (inquiry form) here. You’ll be able to have a meeting online, in Japan, or Hawaii.
We will arrange a meeting with “California Komuten”, a local Hawaiian designer, or a licensed Hawaiian contractor, if you have your own architect.
3.Take a look at our existing performance
You can see some real estate that was actually built or renovated in the past by us. You can tour Hawaii or Japan.
We will have a detailed meeting with the designer. After you are satisfied with the design, the presentation of the estimate, the delivery date, etc., we will ask you to pay half of the fee.
A craftsman who holds a license with actual experience takes part in the construction.
6. Supervision
Lei Hawaii Realty supervises the construction site, reports the construction status.
7. Meeting
We will check the current situation and discuss the delivery date and details again.
After confirming the completion, we will ask for the balance.
We will take care of water supply, electricity, internet, garden and pool. In the case of a villa, it is managed and rented, and in the case of operation, it is done from attracting customers to cleaning.
We provide support to stay and live in Hawaii. Accountants, lawyers, school referrals, advance restaurant reservations, golf play attend.

Examples and Projects